What is social emotional?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

The term “social emotional” means feelings!

Social: Our relationship with others and

Emotional: our relationship with our self

It is all about the feelings that come up in those relationships.

For adults, our feelings are just one aspect of

  • how we express ourselves

  • how situations and people affect us

  • how we view ourselves at any given time

For children, it is EVERYTHING!

The development of a young child unfolds through its first few years of life in different stages -

  • their bodies

  • their minds

  • but most importantly; their feelings

Before an infant understands the world around it, it first begins to express its feelings and needs. Their socio-emotional life is the basis of how they will grow. Their childhood and how those needs are met will form the person they will become. And that is why it’s very important for adults who care for children to understand the importance of a child’s socio-emotional growth.

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