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Founder and Chief dreamer Fabiola Santos-Gaerlan is a 22-year-strong provider of quality child care through Honeydew Drop Child Care in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Child In Mind isn't just about throwing a bunch of strategies at you; it's about empowering you to become your child's ultimate emotional sidekick. I've spent two decades fine-tuning our supportive methods in the classroom, and now I'm thrilled to share them with you. Together, we'll decode the language of emotions, conquer meltdowns and tantrums, and create a foundation of emotional intelligence that will last a lifetime.

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So, why social-emotional development?

Many parents view their children as extensions of themselves. The positive side of this could be the unconditional love and proceeding protection and support. The negative side is the expectations parents have of their children, starting before they’re even born. These preconceived ideas of how children should behave and interact are often stifling. Instead, seeing children as individuals with different feelings, thoughts and methods allow them to grow into the best versions of themselves. When parents help children understand and manage their feelings rather than stopping or correcting them, they are giving them valuable skills needed on the journey of growing up.

After 19 beautiful years honing child whispering skills in Honeydew classrooms with children from every culture, class and background, Fabiola heard a new calling: to magnify the significance of a child's feelings and start a movement of education around

 social emotional development and family wellness. Enter Child In Mind.


Child In Mind teaches parents how to become intentional in speaking to their children, reacting to their children’s behavior, and coaches them out of the mindset of expecting kids to behave a certain way in order to win approval or love. Each child is unique and has different feelings about every circumstance and nuance. To expect them to react in a cookie-cutter way, at best, hides the best parts of them, and at worst, leaves them feeling inadequate or unexpressed.


Child In Mind was created to help children through their parents. At Honeydew, Fabiola and her staff help children go through their feelings, express them freely, and eventually manage them effectively. Child In Mind helps parents understand these methods and learn the skills to support their child’s socioemotional development and in turn, the rest of their little life.

Our approach to caregiver problem solving works to understand that every child’s behavior, temperament and actions are extensions of their ongoing social emotional development.

HOW to Deal

WHY it is Happening

WHAT is Happening

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Be mindful of 

their experience

Recognize your 

child's behavior

Children are discovering 

themselves and the world

Become a mindful parent.

Join the movement.

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