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Celebrating Siblings: Preparing Your Child for a New Addition

In honor of Sibling Day on April 10th, it's time to celebrate the arrival of a new family member! While this may be a sore spot for many young children who were once the center of attention, it's important to prepare your child for the upcoming changes. Simply telling them about the new arrival isn't enough – they need concrete actions and relatable concepts to understand the situation. 

Here are some helpful tips to prepare your child for their new sibling:

  1. Read books about siblings to help them grasp the concept.

  2. Point out other children they know who have siblings as relatable examples.

  3. Involve them in preparing the new baby's room and selecting items for it.

  4. Sing songs to the baby in utero, fostering a connection that will continue outside the womb.

  5. Use images or visual aids to show them together with their new sibling, emphasizing the roles they will play.

  • "You will help me take care of your sister."

  • "You and your sister will have fun playing together."

  • "You have to watch out for your sister because she will be small and will need an older brother."

  1. Ask them what activities they look forward to doing with their sibling, such as reading books, singing songs, or playing together.

  2. Acknowledge their feelings about the new addition:

  • "You will have fun with him."

  • "I will be with you and your brother a lot at the beginning to make sure he grows up big and strong, okay?"

  • "You will grow up together and take care of each other."

Finally, remember to spend alone time with the older child once the baby is born. This will help them feel valued and understand that they haven't lost a mom, but instead gained a sibling. Let's celebrate siblings and create a smooth transition for your family!

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