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Your Go-To Guide for Mindful Parenting
(because you wish they came with instructions)

New Issue released every month!

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Are you ready to:

Modernize your parenting

Implement long-term solutions to behavioral issues

Find new opportunities to support your child

Tend to your whole family (including yourself)

What People Say About The Playbook

I love the “How to be a mindful parent” magazine. While reading through I could imagine going through all of these with my child, because they have already happened in one shape or form. I think it's also good to acknowledge that parents are all trying their best, and that parenting is hard for everyone, so it can feel easier to fall back into the trap of the path of least resistance. (Just putting the stupid shoes on their feet!) We're all so, so, so tired. But I love the idea of getting past that and working towards a sustainable approach. It's unlearning, which can sometimes be painful, but so worth it. The last paragraph on the last page really hit home for me. That said, I constantly need a reminder to be patient, and to stop and take a second and consider what my child is feeling, which is 100% affecting her behavior. Did I mention that we're tired? (Ha!) Some days I just want her to do what I need her to do, and I don't want a whole discussion. That's when my husband steps in, kneels down and connects with her. :-)

Jessica P.

Mom of 4 and 1 year old

I really liked it. It helps inform, not just parents, but anyone who is reading it how to handle different situations. The magazine breaks it down to positive tips and why we should handle the situations in this way. Children are little people who do not know how to handle these emotions that they're feeling. I like that it also promotes conversation. It is very easy to just look at the child and know what they're doing. But if the child looks at you, they don't always know what we are doing. It promotes conversation and helps to build their vocabulary. In turn, the more they are able to communicate with us, the more confidence the children are building.


Mom of 7-year-old & Infant

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