Are we born teachers?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Growing into adults, we adapt a set of principles, a rubric to live by, and it’s a complex combination of our experiences. They could be beliefs you have held passed down by your parents and relatives. They could be values that you hold dear for religious or philosophical sentiments. They could be conclusions you’ve made after living on this earth for 29 years ( 😄 ) and having an array of interpersonal relationships. Who you are and how you act is a combination of aaaaaaaalllllllll the colors of that kaleidoscope of your life. Your beliefs and values are the combinations of learned, listened, read, lived, and watched events and people. So anyway, what does that mean?

Could it mean that as we learn from others - how they lived, spoke, wrote, and moved - we are also teaching others? Is life composed of lessons learned, models watched, and principles being communicated to each other through the way we conduct ourselves? Could we… all be… teachers? Are we all teachers already? Even if we don’t have children, we are teaching everyone around us.

Yeah, life is one huge classroom of beautiful individuals teaching each other, trading messages of wisdom, success, and happiness - giving the best of ourselves to the people we interact with. Well, sometimes we feel that way. Sometimes we just barely hang on, just breathing and getting through the day. And that’s OK!

But maybe with this idea of one Teaching Universe, we can wake up every day remembering to impact someone’s experience with a kind word and an unexpected smile. It’s easy in the day-to-day to forget you’re part of a community, that you’re moving in the world and affecting. Once we just remember that, we can start living like this every day, teaching and learning from each other.

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