5 Ways to let your child know you mean business

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

It can be hard to teach a child not to do something dangerous, like run away from you in the street or dive from the tallest monkey bar, without scaring her. Here are some tools you can use to get your child to take you seriously:

1. Make eye contact. Looking them in the eye gets them to focus and is way more effective than speaking to the top of their head.

2. Speak calmly but slowly and deliberately. This helps them know that the message you’re giving is important.

3. Keep a serious face. You might need to practice this one, Mom. Make sure you don’t look too upset or angry. Just serious.

4. Wait a few minutes before you change the topic or your tone and demeanor. If you switch your vibe too quickly, they’re less likely to grasp it.

5. Instead of saying the wrong thing they did over and over, tell them the right and safe action. Try: "Streets are not for running and playing, We go to the playground for running, You’ll only have to hold my hand when you cross the street until you’re 30, Now hold my hand when you cross the street.”

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