An Educational Care Package for children at home

Bee Bundles- for Infant/Toddlers


Bee Bundle - for Preschool


Bee Bundle - for Pre Kindergarden


“We have really loved our Honeydew Drop Bee Bundle boxes.  Both boxes include a great combination of arts & crafts supplies, books and other toys (dolls and building supplies, etc).  It's been great to try out new things.  It's also been incredibly helpful to have replenishments on supplies we already have like paper, crayons etc.  One less thing to think about during this overwhelming and unprecedented time.  I'm so appreciative of the bee bundles (as well as all of the additional support that Honedyew has provided during this time).”

— Marjorie, Mom of 2: 2 & 5 Years old

“We received the Bee Bundle in the mail. He was beyond excited to get mail, especially from Honeydew. (The Honeydew bee was on the outside of the box, too cute). Inside the box was a baby doll along with a variety of art supplies (glue, construction paper, scissors, pom-poms, google eyes, and more!) for my son to use at home. And underneath it all, we're a bunch of books that we could read together.
What I noticed was some of the books and the baby doll coincided with the UPK’s baby theme. His teachers utilized what was sent to us in their activities. I appreciate all their hard work!”

— Samantha, Mom of 1: 5 year old

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