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Our Workshops

Our workshops are part of our family advocacy effort to give insight into the minds of children. At least once a month, we hold virtual webinars with tips on how to understand and manage behaviors. Designed to teach socio-emotional skills, our workshops are catered to families and caregivers to give them a deeper understanding of their children and students. 

Major Life Transitions: How to Suport My Child through Change
Why is My Toddler Acting Out?
Parents as their Child's First Teacher
Is My Child a Bully?
Importance of Infant Socialization
The Impact of a Father's Presence

Our Past Webinars

Parent-Life Balace
Why isn't My Child Eating Enough?
Children in a Post-Pandemic World
How to Make Moments Teachable
Why isn't My Child Eating Enough?
Literacy as a Socio-Emotional Tool
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