• The buzz is this: the Bee Bundle for children in Universal Pre-K (ages 4+) is a comb of resources and activities to help develop your little one’s developmental skills at home. The Bundle’s versatile materials come with custom-made activities including projects, a list of songs and DIYs accompanied by exclusive YouTube tutorials all created by Honeydew’s top-tier colony of child development experts.


    Bee Bundle’s open-ended play concept makes your house a hive. Give your honey (and you) some fun and structure during quarantine, or whenever you happen to need it, with this one-stop-shop of learning through play supplies.


    Products included:

    Art Materials:

    • A folder full of paperwork mentioned above
    • Construction Paper (1 pack)
    • Tissue Paper (10 sheets)
    • Crayons (1 pack)
    • Water Color Paint (2 packs)
    • Paint Brushes (1 small / 1 large)
    • Paint tools (1 roller / `1 brush)
    • Scissors (1 pair)
    • Glue (2 sticks / 1 liquid)
    • Pompoms (1 small pack)
    • Pipe Cleaners (1 small pack of 10)
    • Popsicle Sticks (1 small pack of 20)
    • Buttons- various (1 small pack of 20)
    • Brown Paper (2) 3 ft rolls
    • Timer (1) 5-minute timer


    • Phonics books (4)
    • Foundation books (Recommended by DOE)
    • Socio-Emotional Books (1)


    Box Value: $200

    Bee Bundle - for Pre Kindergarden

    Optional Add-ons
    • The box is to be doubles as a place to store all your bee bundle items and keep everything organized!

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