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Why children love doing things for themselves (even when they can’t)

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

In celebration of Zipper Day on April 10 (oh yeah, that's a Day), we are discussing zippers, coats, shoes - but really all the things that symbolize independence to children. You’ve seen when they try to do something themselves but don’t have the strength or the skill set. It’s downright adorable. I know, sometimes it’s annoying especially when you’re in a rush. But really, it really pays off when you spend the time (when you have the time) helping them figure out how to put on their shoes or their jackets. This usually starts between 2-4 years old, but later if you don’t spend the time working on these skills. Let me put it this way: spending 20 minutes every morning for 5-7 days will save you 5 minutes every day for a long time! Make the investment and not only do you teach a skill, you raise their confidence.

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