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Navigating grief during the holidays

Grief. Holidays. Two seemingly contradictory words. We think of holidays as colorful, happy, celebratory occasions with food and rich tradition. Grief is quiet, lonely, stoic, uncontrollable. But with what the whole world has been going through for the past few years (don’t make us say it, you know what we’re talkin’ about) all of us are experiencing the dichotomy of celebration and destitute. The people we’ve lost come into our thoughts more often during these times because it’s when we saw them, cared for them, and loved them most memorably. Remember that feelings are not temporal, they are eternal. So even if our eyes can’t see them anymore, and our minds have forgotten some of the moments we had with them, our feelings for them never fade, never get smaller. They live in our hearts as long as we remember them and how they made us feel.

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