The benefits of chores

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Sometimes our lives are so busy that we think it’s simpler to just do everything ourselves. Cook dinner, serve dinner, clean up, wash the dishes, walk the dog, solve world hunger. It is simpler and maybe faster. But now that we have all the time in the world, we can teach our children some of these skills. It may slow down the actual errand, but what they’ll learn is invaluable. And it’ll give you a few more minutes to work on that cure for cancer.

Here are some chores you can introduce:

  • Help carry the plates from the kitchen to the dining room (of course it depends on the age of your child, but maybe using plastic plates and glasses for lunch or snacks is helpful and less anxiety-inducing)

  • Help set the plates, napkins or cutlery - it might not be “correct” at the beginning, but in time they’ll get the hang of it

  • After the meal, help bring the dishes to the sink

  • After you wash them, she can help dry

  • Make her bed, straighten out the blanket or comforter

  • Sort the laundry and have her separate her clothes

  • Pick up toys at the end of the day to indicate playing is done and initiate bedtime

  • And more

6 Benefits of giving your child chores:

  1. Trust - You are giving them an opportunity to complete an important task that contributes to the family - setting the table so everyone can eat, picking up toys so no one steps on them and gets hurt

  2. Empowerment - They are big enough, strong enough, smart enough to follow instructions and help

  3. Independence - They can handle a task all on their own

  4. Teamwork - They are an important part of the family and have responsibilities

  5. Life skills - Doing something that needs to be done teaches them the importance of initiative and reliability

  6. Vocabulary - Narrating their actions as they do the chores introduces them to new words. Try “Good job balancing the plates” or naming the clothes coming out of the basket.

Check out these great reads about initiative and empowerment:

• “I Can Do It (Mindful Mantras)” by Laurie Wright, Ana Santos

• “I can do it Myself! Book 1 of 3: Empowerment Series” by Stephen Krensky and Sara Gillingham

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