Holiday Homework- for Parents!

We know that the Holidays are a very busy time of the year and things can get chaotic but we ask that you try to keep your child's routine. Waking up at the same time. Meals at the same time. Nap and bedtime at the same time as well, at least within a 30min range. This will help them have a sense of normalcy and make it an easy transition when they return to school.

4 months to 12 months:

We are working on communication skills: Read different books and make it as interactive as possible. Two of our favorite booksright now are See, touch feel by Priddy books and Baby bear, Baby bear, What do you see? by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle because they have lots of colors and textures as well as sounds for us to make. The children really enjoy it and the goal is for them to be engaged and even try to mimic our sounds. For the Pre-walkers you can encourage there interest and confidence in walking by setting up opportunities for them to be successful. Have sturdy objects around that are safe and "Okay" for them to pull up on. Once they feel secure they will start taking steps. If your child is already taking steps, encourage it and show them how excited you are. If they hold on to the couch to get across the room put a little space between it so they have to reach or let go to get to the other secure object for support.

12 months to 24 months:

We are working on self regulation skills:

A few ways you can work on this skill at home too is to play turn taking games, this promotes sharing as well, another very hard skill to master. If you have blocks at home you can take turns stacking or you can build and let them knock it down. Stack two or three blocks saying my turn, then say you’re turn as they knock it down. If you have stacking, pop up toys or even pretend/ real food take turns with those. If they cry or grab let them know you playing together and it’s nice to share. It’s a process so we just have to be patient and keep trying.

2.5 years old to 4 year old:

We are working on getting dressed independently and fine motor skills: To help master these skills takes time. When possible allow more time to get ready, let them try to put on their own socks, shoes or coat. Playdough is a great activity to help increase fine motor skills and strengthen your child's hands so they can turn the faucet off and on, turn door knobs, use scissors etc.

Here is a fun Play-dough Project you can do with your kids at home!

Universal Pre-K:

We are working on name and letter recognition:

Draw their name or other random letter using a pen or tape. Have you children follow the lines of the letters with cheerios or stickers. You can pour salt or cornmeal on a saucer and have them trace letters in it.

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