Happy Chinese New Year!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Happy Lunar New Year!

Red lanterns, Dancing Lions, Red money envelopes, Oranges or tangerines, cute animated mice (2020 is the year of the rat) - these are the images of Chinese New Year. And of New York City subway stations. They give our homes blessings and good luck.

Yep, Chinese people celebrate the new year after January 1! And it’s celebrated for 15 days! Your child will undoubtedly find this interesting, which is a great opportunity to explore such a fascinating cultural history with them. It’s also an important reminder to them that there are so many different cultures, traditions, and beliefs that enrich the lives of everyone who experiences them.

For young children, the simple messages for this culturally rich holiday are:

  • Chinese new year brings a big Lunar Festival to the culture, where participants can honor deities, ancestors and the good fortune to come in the next year.

  • Children receive red envelopes with a little money and oranges for blessings of luck and wealth. Feel free to emphasize the “little” here, as we all know a kid who might adopt a different culture for a bag full of candy money.

  • Sort of similar to our own spring cleaning, it’s traditional for Chinese families to clean their homes in order to remove ill-fortune and make room for incoming good luck.

  • Like traditional American New Year, Chinese New Year is full of celebration, family, food and fireworks. Share a bowl of dumplings with your child while you explore ancient Chinese mythologies together.

  • Red is a predominant color used in Chinese New Year festivities that symbolizes joy, virtue, truth, and sincerity. This is a good time to show your child how other cultures honor these values.

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