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5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Talk

Updated: Jan 26

1. Narrate everything you are doing when you're with them:

This will help accelerate their association of words with their meanings. “We are getting dressed now so we can go out

2. Point and label objects in the house, out in the street, at the store, etc.

3. Describe what you are doing, for example: "I am making your food. I am chopping the apple and putting it in your bowl. I am drinking coffee because you wanted an apple at 6:00 AM and I love you.”

4. Always look them in the eye when you are talking to them. Looking at your face is a fast track to learning for them. It not only helps them figure out how to move their mouth to make the words.

It’s an important step in helping them read facial expressions, which is essential in developing emotional intelligence and social competence.

5. Makeup songs for certain activities. Use children’s songs melodies to narrate routines like “We are getting dressed, putting on your coat, we are putting on your shoes and then we go” (I’ve been working on the railroad beat)

a. Come up with your own if you’re creative, or if it’s still 6 AM and you’re tired, adapt any melody you know like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Ring Around The Rosy.

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