5 parental self-care tips

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Stressed out about how to manage work and be a teacher at the same time?

We know - you didn’t sign-up to be an educator, but don’t give up! Even a few minutes of You Time can help you recharge so you can parent best. Remember, you are doing a great job by doing the best you can, even if that means not brushing your teeth until noon. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

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1. Sleep

When your little one lies down to rest, seize the opportunity to do the same. You might fight this when there are dishes in the sink or toys all over the floor and if it’s important to your mental health to tidy up your space, go ahead. But do block out at least a few minutes for stillness. If your child is having trouble settling down, sing a quiet song you loved when you were small, one that calms you down, too.

2. Daily Routine

Keeping a daily routine for little ones is important but it’s even more important to keep one for yourself. Scheduling time to step away, take a bath, cook dinner - it’s all to help you stay in a rhythm and not fall into a bad cycle. You absolutely have to regularly care for yourself to replenish your capacity to care for your family.

3. Get moving

Taking movement breaks throughout the day can help alleviate stress and keep you well. Even if you’re stuck inside, try a few small-space, body-weight exercises like squats, lunges, arm-raises or yoga. Studios across the country are providing online yoga classes or you can just simply go to Youtube and search for what you want to do (we like 305 Studio’s daily Livestream dance workouts). You can even have your kids join in to exert some of their energy.

4. Explore Audio

Curate a feel-good playlist and listen to it in the house while you brush your teeth, do the dishes or pick up those crayons for the fourth time today. Take on a new skill, learn a new language or indulge in true crime with podcasts (we like NYC-based Mob Queens). These options are more accessible than ever as you can do most of them while juggling a toddler. And learning helps us feel like we’re growing. It gives us the feeling of being useful outside of parenthood and a sense of fulfillment for doing something for ourselves.

5. Keep a journal by your bed

Before you fall asleep, remember something funny, kind, or surprising that your child did today. Write a few lines that capture the memory. When you’re feeling down or like the days are just repeating, you can read through it and look back at all the accomplishments you’ve achieved and precious moments you’ve gained during this quarantine.

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