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Introducing our newest child

enrichment service!

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NANNY PREP is a top-tier caregiver training program offered by Child In Mind, a Brooklyn-based Socioemotional Advocacy Group


Right now, with many children at home in quarantine, our childhood development experts are offering their expertise to simplify, enrich and broaden access to professional childcare methods at home.


Nanny Prep is for babysitters and caregivers of all kinds who want to provide high quality, mindful and holistic care to children which supports their wellness, growth and unique personality.


We introduce our students to innovative early childhood industry concepts and methods. This model of mentoring is tailored to each caregiver and family so graduates are able to create age-appropriate lesson plans customized for the child they care for.


To support nannies caring for their clients and the

children under their care

To help families and nannies work together to ensure

the best care for their child

To elevate the quality of childcare at home 

To establish routine and best practices for care at home 

To help nannies maintain accountability in

stimulating the growth of children

contact us to learn more!

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