Dive into the world of your child's feelings

Teaching caregivers, parents and early childhood professionals about the importance of social-emotional growth and learning for young children.

Social • Emotional (n)

def. includes the child's 

experience, expression,

and management of emotions.  


Discover tools to understand your child's feelings.


Welcome to the Responsibility Committee 

Teaching your child how to take Initiative... Sonya loves being a helper and a leader. Children naturally enjoy taking initiative because it gives them a little control over their activities and surroundings.... it lends them some power and even better, it engages their...

5 Ways to Teach your Child how to Talk


Narrate everything you are doing when you're with them...

Describe what you are doing...

Makeup songs for certain activities...

How to Talk to Your Child about Cornovairus 

You’re probably fielding a LOT of questions from your little inquirers about the Coronavirus pandemic right about now. We’ve thought about grief talks, empathy talks, sex talks, cultural intelligence. But we hadn’t anticipated bringing them into this part of the world so soon

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