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So now that your little guy is home for the summer, like all day every day, there might maybe probably be more opportunities for you to catch them misbehaving


How do you treat your child when they make a scene, destroy something important, act defiant?  Those are like, really annoying things.


Kids are strange little guys. I mean, right? We don’t know what we’d do if they weren’t, though - it’s what makes them so fun. But what does it all mean?


Ok, we know you’re busy with the summer plans and reading the news every 20 minutes. But real quick, take a second to feed your brain some good, long breaths. 

mother and child

Reimagine Parenting

Prepare to Reimagine Parenting.
We’re here to help you keep your Child In Mind. Because when you know how to navigate this mystical, wondrous universe of early development, you’ll both feel more supported.

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