Our Mission

What is social emotional development?

 "Young children experience the world in the context of feelings and relationships. They lay the foundation for self confidence, mental health, and achievement in school."


- National Scientific Council of the Developing Child


Why is it important? 

Understanding the intricacies of your child’s feelings will change your life. Most of us don’t see past a sad or angry or inquisitive child in real time. And while it’s natural to just keep swimming in the moment, not diving deeper is a huge detriment to your abilities as a parent and to your child as a growing human in a wild, wild world. Your child’s behavior, temperament, actions and everything in between are extensions of their feelings and coping mechanisms.

What can you do?

Parenting culture is playdates, snacktimes, running late, bedtime routines, running late, daycares, playing house, running late, diffusing tantrums, apologizing for running late. We know. It’s hard. Harder than it should be. It may seem like taking the time to learn about social emotional development is just another task, but this insight will actually cut down your stress, guilt and time spent mitigating an emotional episode. You can have an easier, more fulfilling parenthood. You can have a deep, stable, perceptive relationship with your child that may even permeate to other aspects of your life. All you’ve got to do is keep reading, and keep practicing with us.

How can we help?

We’re here to help you keep your Child In Mind (duh). Because when you know how to navigate this mystical, wondrous universe of early development, you’ll both feel more supported. Our team is composed of early childhood educators, experts and parents who have been in the game long enough to change the rules. Together, our mission is to make sure every new generation of kids and parents have the tools they need to be independent, resilient, compassionate and successful. We promise to give those to you, always with an eye on the news, the science and the climate to tailor our education to what you need when you need it. Kids not handling homeschool well? Can’t get your toddler to acknowledge you on the playground? Wondering how to up the cultural intelligence of your 4-year-old? You can do it. We can help.